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Warbirds III for Mac and PC is a brilliant game that allows for realistic World War II flight and combat simulation. In addition, skins for the aircraft can be downloaded. Skins created by players and fans throughout the world are available on the internet. Warbirds III (also known as Warbirds 2007) may be downloaded from The Total Simulation Series. The download allows you to practice offline or fly online (with a paid subscription) against pilots from all over the world.

Below are some of my favorite skins. Click to go to more pages and screens. Page may load slowly because images below are loading full size into memory. Click on images to see large view.

I've got a Dawn of Aces Calendar & Screensaver for $10. To see the 2009 volume, eMail me at the link bottom of this page!



F6F "Grim Reaper"

Alex Vraciu

F4F-4 "Grim Reaper"

F4F-3 "Pre-War"

Soviet Camel



Nieuport 17

Sopwith Camel

Albatros D.Va

Ernst Udet

Halberstadt CL.II
pg1, pg2, pg3

P47D Razorback

Aussie Hellcat

Grim Reapers by
Clyde Wilz
& Art Flores

Jolly Rogers

Vought Corsair Mk III
Royal Navy

Zero Pages

A6M2, A6M3 and
coming soon A6M5

Work in Progress
SE5A profile by
Ronny Bar

Captured Halftrack

versions include with and without swastika

British Sherman

WWI German Tank
A7V German tank skin will someday hopefully be available for DoA

How about a skin with "V" for Vendetta pilot?
or maybe the Phantom of the Opera Hellcat?

Downloads of my skins? Sure, just email me first!

What are your friends flying in the game?
Want to view enemy or friendly squadron planeskins?
See my ideas for GUI improvements

Game Keystroke Help -- Are You a New Pilot?

How to Skin Your Own Planes

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model planes and paints. Lowest prices for web hosting! -- art flores

The part below was part of my first attempt at making this webpage and includes some of my first plane skinning efforts. The slide shows are not so good, sorry!

The red and white LAVOCHKIN plane is a neat skins that I found on the internet for the great PC game, IL2 Racing. This photo, therefore, is not a WARBIRDS III plane.

For the other photos I used the Red & White LAVOCHKIN skin to create a skin for the Warbirds III KI84 plane. I used a FW190 IL2 Racing skin to create a FW190 skin for the Warbirds III FW190-4A plane. I would be glad to send the TGA files to anyone who wants to fly the planes in my collection. Just e-mail me here.

Click on any thumbnail below to see a larger screenshot.

an IL2 skin

I have several versions of the game, starting with v2.77, wbmmin072103, wbmfull121803, wb2004 and also, 3.04r5, which I think is the latest. I use an 800mhz iMac G4 (flatscreen w/soccerball) and 512 Ram. Now, I have a Mac Mini where I can run OSX-Tiger and the latest Warbirds 2007.

I have a 9 year old son who likes this game too, but (sadly at least for now) he likes to drive tanks and halftracks more than he likes to fly. He mostly uses WB 2.77 on a 366mz iMac to fly.

Netscape is my favorite browser

but Safari is awesome too!

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