A7V Skinning Project
model by OMARS, skin by art flores

Mephisto, Wotan, Totenkopf

The photos below are not finished. Colors and camoflage are not final.
If you want to see more, visit the Furball website, Dawn of Aces forum.

Just getting started here...

Sorry about the watermark on these pictures. I am using a free version of Maya for Macintosh. Free means you get to learn how to use it, but you have to live with the Maya logo on all the images.

Here is Totenkopf, which means "skull and crossbones". This tank had colorful camoflage pattern, but this photo is before I put any camo on.

You can barely see the tank through the watermark, but you can see the totenkopf if you look hard.

Just getting started on the left side.

Shown at left is a battlefield photo of an A7V in makeshift camoflage colors. Machine guns have been removed. The black shield with totenkopf shows heavy paint chipping. perhaps due to combat hits. And there appears to be smoke damage on the side. One front triangular flap (looks like vampire teeth) is missing. These covers provided protection for the tow hooks, why -- I don't know.

Mephisto, in action!
click on this photo to ENLARGE

Totenkopf -- machine guns blazing

Because of extra colors and I added "noise" to the background gray, 
this file is twice as large as the other two PSD files. I am not sure
I like the black lines between the colors, but look at both versions
and you decide. I'll be "finished" with this Camo file by July 15th.

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