Hellcat Skinning Project
Grim Reaper (VF10)
Art Flores & Clyde WILZ

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The Wildcat Project:  In the Beginning
These photos will show various stages of rivet and line detail. Shading with engine smoke and sun glare on cowl.

So far this is a work in progress, with these pages being the beginning stages of work. Some details that are in the works for this skin:
  • red & green lights on the wing
  • black holes where gun barrels exit the wings
  • detailed pilot face, tinted goggles, square jaw
  • pinups in cockpit, could one be his girlfriend?
  • protective walkpad on wings (the original "Rhino Lining" pickup bedliner material)
  • highly detailed instrument panel

More Wildcat Photos

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Gallery2 BF109e
Gallery3 Pilots
Tank for DOA
Mephisto & Wotan

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