Hellcat Skinning Project
by Art Flores (January 2013)

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Hellcat Skin:  800 Squadron, Fleet Air Arm
Screenshots of JV-105 from HMS Emperor

Originally skinned for Alex Vraciu's Hellcat in December 2006, I had not done another Hellcat since then.  The PSD
files for this skin were lost until recently, so when I found them I decided to do a Fleet Air Arm skin (see reference below).

800 Squadron, JV-105

The first two photos are showing first attempts to get colors on the skin and showed me that there is going to be a
problem with mirroring on two sides of the fuselage.  The letters "Royal Navy and JV 105" would have to remain
mirrored on one side. In addition, I was not going to be able to do my first choice of the plane "EL" and "ET" did
not have my choice of colors, so I decided to do "EW". I enlarged the red part of the cowling, moving the lines and
rivets to the rear a bit.  I am glad I was able to show the same awesome green and red lights from the USN plane.

NOTE: Most of the photos below show a gray and brown camouflage pattern. I decided to make the brown color
show more of a green-olive coloring. See final colors at the bottom of this page.

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I added an exhaust cover to the cowling you can see in this pic.

These last photos show the green-olive color I decided to use:


Link to another website with "EW". Scroll down to bottom of page.


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