Hellcat Skinning Project
by Art Flores (Fall 2006)

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Hellcat Skin:  Alex Vraciu's 19
Screenshots of VF-6 from USS Intrepid

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he reason I chose this skin is because Al Vraciu is one of the most famous Navy aces of the Pacific.

Commander ALEX VRACIU U.S.N.

Alex Vraciu first saw combat flying the F6F Hellcat off carriers with VF-6, becoming an Ace in January 1944. Transferring to VF-16 aboard U.S.S. Lexington his tally of victories continued to mount and during the Great Marianas Turkey Shoot he splashed six dive bombers in eight minutes, the following day adding a Zero, bringing his total to 19. His luck ran out in December 1944 when he was shot down strafing an airfield. Bailing out, he spent five weeks with Filipino guerrillas before meeting up with advancing Americans. He ended the war as the U.S. Navy's fourth highest Ace, and retired in 1963.

More info here.

And a really great interview with Alex Vraciu.

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Assessment:  The light blue and white layers need adjustment. I'll brighten both.
Fuselage star needs to be larger. I don't like it large, but to be accurate, I have to.

Below are changes made 12/3/06: 
1.  lighter and brighter sky-blue
2. Added "Gadget" and bull logo
3. removed and then put the small "19" back on the cowl

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