Hellcat Skinning Project
Grim Reaper (VF10)
Art Flores & Clyde WILZ

The Hellcat20 Project: Final Photos

his page show the final versions
photos of the Hellcat 20 Project. On previous pages (gallery a, b, c) the 'cat is seen in various stages of completion. On this page, rivets have been lightened, colors tweaked, pilot shaved. These and other photos on the various gallery pages are screenshots from Warbirds III by IEN Total Simulation Series .  Clyde Wilz is responsible for the "Grim Reaper" assignment that has come a long way from the 512x512 beginnings using a rarely forgiving template. He has prodded and inspired me to put the airbrush to the metal when I thought it couldn't be done.

I hope you like this fine aircraft that helped in a big way to bring the Japanese Empire to its knees.

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