Hellcat Skinning Project
Grim Reaper (VF10)
Art Flores & Clyde WILZ

The Hellcat20 Project: References
This page show various wartime archive pictures, airshow and museum photographs. Plastic model and RC aircraft also provided reference material for my Hellcat20 skinning project.  Photos show the Hellcat was painted in all shades of blue:  blue black, dark blue, medium blue, sky blue, light blue, gray blue, etc.  Some photos show a bright and shiny gloss and others show varying degrees of weathering and combat wear and tear. Some photos show different colors due to the nature of the light in which they were photographed (see 2 photos of Hellcat number 19 below).  Exhaust smoke is different in every plane. Some RC models are more realistic looking than the actual planes and only the 2-bladed prop gives them away!

One special note to the PDC and the person who modeled the F6F5: 
consider changing the angle of the forward antenna.
In my opinion, the angle is too much forward. It should be a bit more
towards 90°.  See the reference drawings at this web page:
Sone images shows such a forward sweeping angle, like plane #11
shown below, but most do not.

Copyright ownership of the photos on this reference page belongs to the original owners as I obtained these pictures from internet searches.  This page is not for public consumption. It is not intended to provide indiscriminate display of photos taken from other websites. Photos were not knowingly taken from sites that prohibited their download.

The first photo shows a skin from another simulation game and I spent a lot of time studying it.

Obviously from a painting

Pratt & Whitney R2800 Double Wasp engine http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pratt_&_Whitney_R-2800

More Hellcat Photos

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Gallery2 BF109e
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Tank for DOA
Mephisto & Wotan

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