Hellcat Skinning Project
Grim Reaper (VF10)
Art Flores & WILZ Clydew

The Hellcat20 Project:
These next photos show the finished "c" model. Final details have been added August 2, 2006:
  • small number "20" on front cowling
  • rounded the instrument panel frame
  • new instrument panel (more details than old one)
  • fixed white area in tail gear strut
  • exhaust smoke on underbelly
  • "circular" area on star stripes
  • smaller "meatball" flags
  • how about medal and wings on pilot uniform?
  • perhaps girly pinups?

Thanks to Wilz! Here is his Warbirds website. Now we just wait on PDC, hoping for a speedy birth.
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Check your six!

Keeping your eyes on the instruments?

New medals for this pilot ace...

This one makes a great wallpaper!

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