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BF109 E-7
by Arthur Flores

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Bf 109E-7, 2./JG 27, Ail-el-Gazala airfield, Libya 1941
Eduard Neumann

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"White 2", Druschel, Tiger, "Red E"

Tiger Camo Bf-109E-4 Trop of JG 27 Libya 1941.

Hauptmann Eduard 'Edu' Neumann. Confirmed kills 11 with JG26 and 27.

Messerschmitt (Bf) 109 E-4/Trop, 'Black 3' or 'Red 3', Kommandeur of I./JG 27, from Italy to Ain-El-Gazala, Libya, Africa, Later April, early May of 1941.

I'm going to change the blue tiger stripes to off-white and add stripes to rudder, see below.


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