New for Warbirds in 2013
  Skins for the Dutch Fokker DXXI Plane
by Arthur Flores

for the Warbirds game by iENT

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Dutch Fokker DXXI

  Click or right-click-save to enlarge!

Above is my first attempt at skinning this model. I don't have the equipment (computer)
to run my usual software for skinning new planes, so I had to enlist the help of Jeremy
Cheek to attach my PSD files to the new 3d model. Jeremy sent me these screenshots.
See subsequent skin attempts below.

The silver propeller and front of the cowling came out real nice. Right click to enlarge.

Below are screenshots made by Jeremy of his skin for the Finnish Air Forcce.
He did a great job. I sent him my lines/rivets.  Go Jman!


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