New for Warbirds in 2013
  Skins for the Seafire Mk III
by Arthur Flores

  Fall 2013

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Just in time for the new Warbirds update!
Seafire Mk.LIII, of No 885 Squadron, Ayr, May 1944
Sub-Lieutenant R.C. Chamen who shot down
a Bf 109 over Caen, June 8, 1944

Special credit goes to Dadman for template.
Click or right-click-save to enlarge!

Gotta fix some colors on the roundels.

This profile shot is very LARGE. Right click and save it, or open in new window.

I just think that "PhotoShopped" Zero adds a lot to the screenshot.

I just had to put this Seafire in outer space!
I hope you can get this page before the calendar runs out of time.


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