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  Skin for the Polish Halberstadt CL.2 by Arthur Flores

Skin by Art Flores, Summer 2009
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Halberstadt Skin a
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Paint below is referenced under these photos ...

The plane below is aparently a training aircraft, Szkoly Pilotow means Pilot School. It was photographed
at the airfield located at Poznan-Lawica, Poland. Anyone having more information about the
Polish Cl.2 (Bay 223/18), please contact me via the email address below:
Arthur Flores


I got a great reply from my friend, Marek:

Hello iart7,

It is nice that you are interested in Polish aviation. In my opinion, you can post images found on Polish Aviation Museum Cracow website because the source is a public domain and this is fair use.

I would like to share my doubts about colors of the plane sported tactical number 55. In the photo published by the Museum one can clearly see that wings and tail planes were not covered with lozenge pattern. However, looking at the picture closely one can see that these areas are not clear doped. The outer portion of lower wing exposed on sunlight is very dark. In turn, there are two shades of some colors visible on the upper wing. The fin and ruder were surely painted – these areas are usually presented as green in Polish sources. But the rear part of fuselage, just under the fin/rudder appears to be painted the same color either – note the clearly visible line separating darker, upper surface of the fuselage from the brighter, side surface. The same line is visible on upper surface of the fuselage in midway between checkerboard and the front edge of a fin.

 I think that the aircraft was covered with some camouflage at least in the time the picture was taken.

 By the way – gun rotating mount was removed from this machine.



Then the great artist Piotr wrote:

2869/18 -> Halb. C.L. II (Bay) 223./18 (55) -> without generator covering -> No lozenge

Picture from Cracow museum show this plane repaired after crash. So airplane condition was very bed.
I send you next photo showing this plane short after crash (gun ring is mounted - Sorry Lodzermensch - you must making researches better)

About paint: It is hard to tell. At this time at Poznan, repaired planes start to be painted in three tone camouflage.... Maybe plane 55 receive something like three tone camouflage + light blue underside???

Information about the Aerodrome Forum Halberstadt

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