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  Rhinebeck Albatros DVA by Arthur Flores

Skin by Art Flores, Winter 2008
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Work in Progress for Albatros D.Va
in the colors of the aircraft of Hauptman Eduard Ritter von Schleich,
Commanding Officer of Jasta 21

Below are work-in-progress pictures. Click to enlarge, look for more soon!
Credit for original template, tires, prop, engine and struts:  Ebola (master 2D artist)

The colors are wrong on these wings IMO, but most of the fuselage is there.
That Spad and DR1 are PhotoShop combination images. 

Note: changes I've made to the forward part of the white rudder frame on images below.
Is that a machine gun or cannon in the spinner?


Information about the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome Albatros DVA

Notice the spinner? Is that a machine gun in the front? My skin has it too, whatever it is.

I wanted to reproduce the color of blue on the wings.

Russell Smith is a superb artist. I think he wanted to face the charging lion to the front,
but since he was painting the ORA museum plane, perhaps that's why he made it
face the rear on the portside of the plane.  I went ahead and made it face the front
on both sides, as this is how the original WWI photos show it. Also, notice the white
ring on the outside of the lion? That seems to be the correct depiction. The museum
plane has the blue circle on the outside (wrong). See vintage photos below.

Notice the fuselage coloring: it seems to be quite light. Perhaps it is not varnished
wood, but painted a light color such as pale or sky blue. Ronny Bar has done an
excellent series of profiles that show this light blue color and so have I done a skin
this way. See below to see another side of this colorful skin.

Alternate skin for Jasta 21,Von Schleich (part 2)

Looking at the image directly above, it appears to me that the fuselage area just forward of the
von Schleich, the pilot, is shinier than the rest of the fuse. Could this forward part be varnished
wood and the rest is painted?

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