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  M4A1 Sherman "El Alamein"
9th Queen’s Royal Lancers

by Arthur Flores

Skin by Art Flores, Spring 2010
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Work in Progress by Art Flores

The American M4 medium tank proved to be not only the most important US tank used during the war, but also the best and most numerous tank in British service. As was the practice of the time, the British named the M4 after an American general, in this case Civil War general William Tecumseh Sherman, famous for the quotation 'War is Hell'. The Americans adopted the name. M3 Sherman MkI's were first used at El Alamein in October 1942 and the British introduced most of the US versions as they became available: the Sherman II (M4A1), Sherman III (M4A2), Sherman IV (M4A3) and the Sherman V (M4A4). Out on the battlefield, generally two to three Shermans were lost for every Panther or Tiger destroyed, but whereas German industry could not make up their losses by mid-1944, the US and British production lines were delivering a seemingly endless supply of Shermans and other tanks. Production of all Sherman tanks reached 55,000 by the end of the war.

The British army purchased large numbers of M4s or took them over as part of the Lend-Lease programme. To the British the M4 was the General Sherman (or simply Sherman)

The first Shermans went into action with the British at El Alamein in October1942. Thereafter the Sherman was the most numerous tank in British army service for the rest of World War II.

Below are work-in-progress pictures. Click to enlarge, look for more soon!

To start off this skin, I of course had to change the green default tank into a Hi-Res tan-colored vehicle. Below are the

first images of this skin. I still need to upgrade the quality of the tools on the rear part and do a fix-up of the texture by
adding weathering and scratches to the metal. Green camo markings to come later, the markings of this tank and
the insignias are from No.8 Platoon of the 9th Lancers C Squadron, attached to 1st Arm'd Div during the Battle of El Alamein.

It took an enormous amount of time and effort to find the location of the 75mm cannon as well as the machine gun and
top turret (which is painted in two different areas of the template. I only wish this model (Warbirds) had a MG on top
as well as sand skirts as shown on the reference photos at the bottom of this page show.

 Desert Sherman MK II  Painted in the markings of Squadron C, 9th Queen’s Royal Lancers, 2nd Armoured Brigade,
1st Armoured Division, the Shermans of this regiment were known for their marksmanship with one gunner personally
congratulated by General Montgomery for destroying nine enemy tanks on a single day.


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