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  "Big Chief" - P47D by Arthur Flores

Skin by Art Flores, Summer 2008
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Work in Progress by Art Flores


Here's my skin of P47d, "Big Chief" from "Zempke's Wolfpack.

Below are work-in-progress pictures. Click to enlarge, look for more soon!

Note:  error on the image above -- ID should read 2Z@P
Also, a photo from 1990 and from 1991 shows this plane with ID HV@P

NOTE: all the screenshots above were taken off my iMac G4 using an older version of Warbirds, probably 2003 edition.

The shots below were taken off my PC at work (shhh) and you can see the difference! The built-in reflectance is not
as pleasing to me as the Mac shots (which show a lot more detail and "noise" or weathering. What do you think?

(Click to enlarge)

Below: 2Z@P has been fixed

Another note: the flash guard on the 50 cal. guns was not put on before these flights. I'll fix that in the final version.


My inspiration for this plane:
This Thunderbolt belongs to the Palm Springs Air Museum.
It wears the colors of 42-28473 (Big Chief), from the 61st FS, 56th FG, "Zemke's Wolfpack".

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