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  "Fiery Ginger" - P47D by Arthur Flores
(on the C-model)

Skin by Art Flores, Summer 2008
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Work in Progress by Art Flores


Here's my skin of "Fiery Ginger", a P47D of Fighter Group 348 Commander Neel Kearby. There are two versions of
this skin, due to the fact I lost my first skin in a hard drive crash.

Below are work-in-progress pictures. Click to enlarge, look for more soon!
Yes, most pics are shot from the same side, other side is just fine.

Shot below taken from my PC with Warbirds 2004

My hard drive crashed and I had not backed up my "Fiery Ginger IV" skin. I looked everywhere for a
backup file I could use. Finally, I found the Tuskeegee "27" plane and used it as my template. In the
forum, the vote was for a more greenish color, so you can see it is different from the images above.
Note, also the tail part of the fuselage is different and the number of kills is different. Final version is
the last image. Both images below are large sizes and will make great wallpaper screens.


My inspiration for this plane came after seeing the cover of WWII History Magazine, Aug/Sept 2008.
Here's the museum photo, and below that are archive wartime pics.

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