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  Ground Vehicle by Arthur Flores

Skin by Art Flores, Summer 2008
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Work in Progress Captured Halftrack by Art Flores


Here's a Captured M16 Halftrack. Many were captured by the Germans in Tunisia.

Below are work-in-progress pictures. Click to enlarge, look for more soon!

 (Deutsches Afrika Korps)
I'm fixing the mirrored (reversed) D.A.K. symbol.

More info about the palm and swastika here.

Non-Swastika Version 8/14/08: The images below show another version of this captured vehicle. Note, there is another change I've made:  German-style water can, or is it petrol? on the right side near the fender.

Not a halftrack, but here is where I got the Africa map emblem:


Information about the captured U.S. vehicles. There were many after Kasserine.

The prowess of the German panzers is the stuff of legend, but it is not generally known that Hitler
stole thousands of British, Czech, French, Italian, Polish, and Soviet tanks and armored fighting
 vehicles to feed his war machine.

Lots of great photos of captured halftracks here.

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