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A6M-5 ZeroFighter by Arthur Flores

Skin by Art Flores, Spring 2012

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Work in Progress for ZeroFighter A6M5!


Part L, Zero Skins

the images below are very large and will make great Wallpaper Backgrounds!

Here is a skin I just finished. I am 99% sure this is a 261st Kokutai, Saipan, '44 but would
like some help to be 100% sure. Any Zero experts out there? I got the idea from a book
called Aero Detail 7 Zero FIghter by Shigeru Nohara, (PDF). It is the cover art. Gramps is
from the TotalSims Warbirds forum and quoted here to help me out: 

From what I can find, you have the correct numbering for the 261st Kokutai (the "Tigers").
They also used the kanji 虎 ("Tora." Yes, that "tora.") as a unit number on their tails.
IJN breakdown of plane numbering systems is basically Unit-airframe, and were assigned in
different forms during different periods of pre- and post-US involvement
and were subject to change as per orders from on high.

The book Japanese Naval Aces and Fighter Units in World War II by Hata and Izawa
(and translated by Don Gorham) has a listing of every unit. According to the history
given in that book and its photographs, tail numbers 61-{airframe} and 虎-{airframe}
were certainly used. I'll have to do some extra digging beyond artwork available
on the internet to find total proof that 8 belongs to the 261st and not another unit, though.


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