New for Warbirds in 2008

A6M-2 ZeroFighter by Arthur Flores

Skin by Art Flores, Spring 2008

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Work in Progress for ZeroFighter A6M2!
Version 2 (original rudder markings)


Part 2, Zero Skins
"Farewell to Yamaguchi"

I've redone several of my Zero 21 skins to include the original rudder markings and not any semi-fictional
markings even though they will be mirrored on the right side of the plane. These include V-103, EII-102, the green "tiger"-110 skin and some new skins requisitioned by Mark Stearman (AKA = dumspiro) V-190, V-128, V-107 and maybe V-112.  He wants an (ameiro) A6M5 skin too for possible use in his movies. Look for these screenshots on gallery 16d, 16e, and 16f.

From the "Farewell to Yamaguchi" painting:


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