New for Warbirds in 2008

A6M-2 ZeroFighter by Arthur Flores

Skin by Art Flores, Spring 2008

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Work in Progress for ZeroFighter A6M2!
Version 2 (original rudder markings)


Part 2, Zero Skins

I've redone several of my Zero 21 skins to include the original rudder markings and not any semi-fictional
markings even though they will be mirrored on the right side of the plane. These include V-103, EII-102, the green "tiger"-110 skin and some new skins requisitioned by Mark Stearman (AKA = dumspiro) V-190, V-128, V-107 and maybe V-112.  He wants an (ameiro) A6M5 skin too for possible use in his movies. Look for these screenshots on gallery 16d, 16e, and 16f.

 ........ Tetsuzo Iwamoto ........

 ........ Saburo Sakai ........

 ........ Shigeru Itaya ........

The following are V-128 plane (Sakai, I believe):


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