New for Warbirds in 2008

A6M-2 ZeroFighter by Arthur Flores

Skin by Art Flores, Spring 2008

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Work in Progress for ZeroFighter A6M2!


My first interest in this plane came after seeing a great skin by someone named Zankro. His skin was called "Ghost" or Chutai.

Konichiwa, New Zero Skins

Three new Zeroes to fly soon. The first two images (with white stripes of T. Iwamoto) are shifted to the tan color and the rest are light gray. If anyone (experts wanted) cares to comment on the tan/gray colors, feel free to state your preferences. A late war Kagoshima Group, 1944 is almost ready too.

 VOTE Yes, but don' choose to fight against these pilots!

 ........ Tetsuzo Iwamoto ........

 ........ Saburo Sakai ........

 ........ Shigeru Itaya ........

 On a semi-important note: The fuselage is "Mirrored" and therefore the tail identification numbers are reversed on the starboard side. I HOPE this is not a problem for you guys. I'm still working on more details on the rivets and lines, but what you see so far should be 95% complete.

 EII-102 becomes ------------> II101II
 V-103 becomes ------------> V101V
 AI-101 becomes ------------> A101A
 (#)110 becomes ------------> H101H

I want to do a better job on the pilot face and really wish I could find the interior cockpit. It could be "unpaintable" like the propeller, but will try some more.

Notice the changes in rudder numbering:

 Kossu said: "just have A-101 on one side and 101-A (etc.) on the other."

 I'm wanting to change the A-101-A type numbers to A-101.

 I've got a A6M3 plane skinned and want to post pics. It was X-133 and I've put X-181 on the skin.


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