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Fokker D.VII Projects by Arthur Flores

Skin by Art Flores, Spring 2008

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Work in Progress for Oberleutnant Erich Löwenhardt, Jasta 10


As Germany’s 3rd ranking ace of WWI, behind only Manfred von Richthofen and Ernst Udet, Löwenhardt received Germany’s highest honor, the Pour le Mérite (Blue Max) after 24 kills. Flying the new Fokker D.VII, he added eight more in June and no fewer than 16 in July. His tally climbed to 53 by August 9. After his 54th kill, Löwenhardt died when his parachute failed to open and he fell to his death from 12,000 feet.

Russell Smith's painting of this plane was 100% the inspiration I used for this skin. It is absolutely beautiful and I've tried to reporduce the plane as best as I could to his fine art.


"Unfortunately, VERY little information regarding Löwenhardt's yellow DVII exists. No serial number and only a couple of extremely poor photos. Count on this - no matter what configuration you use, someone here is going to tell you that its wrong. Fact is, though, nobody can prove one way or the other exactly what it looked like, so don't worry about the nay sayers. 

The configuration that I used for mine was suggested to me by Greg vanWyngarden, whose "suggestions" I often find more credible than some others' "knowledge".

Oh, and I used 4c lozenge. I don't think I had any facts to base that on. I think it was just an aesthetic choice."

-- Russell Smith



Russell Smith's Painting -- my inspiration!  Isn't this an awesome image?

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