P47C, 332nd Fighter Group, Tuskegee Airmen

Skin by Art Flores, Fall 2007

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P47C Project for Badair

Pilot:  Gwynne Pierson
Rank:  Lieutenant
Group: 332nd FG, 302nd FS
Squadron: 397th "Tuskegee Airmen" The RedTails
Air Force:
Theater: Europe, Italy
Victories:  of others, destroyed a German destroyer, (TA-27) with machine guns
Period Flown: June 1944

The 99th Fighter Squadron which had already distinguished itself over North Africa, Sicily, and Anzio, was joined with three more black squadrons; the 100th , the 301st,and the 302nd to be designated as the 332nd Fighter Group.

Badair  wrote: 332nd paint sheme. Each squadron had it's own unique cowl ring and trim tab colors. Also, all the a/c in the group had yellow bands in the middle of the wings. The tails were also all red from the leading edge of the stabs or the very tip of the tail feathers. The 332nd FG was a FG of the 306th Fighter Wing which was part of the 15th USAAF. The P-47 Tunderbolt below was flown by Tuskegee Airmen prior to their transitioning over to the P-51B, in the paint scheme of Capt. Ed Toppins.

There's a great biography of Gwynn by his son, Scot at this website, don't miss it.

Version 1

working on the cowl area, rudder needs de-saturation of color

Should I add a yellow bar on the elevators?
Okay, that's done. Now about the size of the number "39"?
And, as Ebola's reference at the bottom, does the top of the fuse behind the pilot have olive paint?

Just when I thought I was ALMOST finished! Aghhhh!

I've added olive color to the rear of the cockpit behind the triangular glass panel. The pilot face is still handsome as ever,
but I've added a mustache so he looks a bit more menacing. Since many WB pilots have no arms, and therefore
nothing to hold onto or shoot with, I've added a left arm with his thumb on the firing button. Watch out, Fritz!

Oh, now that I've found a portrait of Pierson, I'll have to try out his mug on the pilot face!

Fixed area in front of the cowl flaps and rivets on fusetop behind cockpit.
Then I found the area where the seat and head cushion are located.

Version 2: 
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I'm going to go ahead and make 2 versions of this plane. I'll probably submit only one to PDC (unless they let me submit both)

REFERENCE PICTURES - Version 1 (silver-top)

This is a nice CORGI diecast model

Thanks to EBOLA for this image:

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