P47D, 368th Fighter Group, 397 Squadron

Skin by Art Flores, Fall 2007

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P47D Project:  "Hun Hunter"
Another "Jug" Project
65th Fighter Squadron
Captain Gil Wymond

Serial #: 44-90460
Construction #: 399-55605
Civil Registration:   N9246B
Model: P-47D
Name: Hun Hunter XVI
Status: Airworthy
Last info: 2002
 Delivered to Brazilian AF as F-47 4175.
 - BOC: Oct. 30, 1953.
 - SOC: Mar. 17, 1958.
 - Retired and stripped for parts.
 - Displayed as 226450/A1, Recife AB, Brazil, 1970-1987.
 Museu Aerospacial, Campo dos Afoncos, Rio, 1987-1988.
 Airplane Sales International, Santa Monica, CA, 1988.
 - Arrived dismantled, Chino, CA from Brazil, Sept. 1988.
 Airplane Sales, International, Beverly Hills, CA, Sept. 1995.
 - Registered as N9246B.
 - Stored, Santa Monica, CA, 1990-1996.
Neal Melton, Luttrell, TN, Oct. 2, 1996-2002.
 - Restored to airworthy, Rialto, CA, June 13, 1996-1999.
 - First flight, Aug. 3, 1999.
 - Flown as USAAF/490460/40/Hun Hunter XVI.

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