P47D, 368th Fighter Group, 397 Squadron

Skin by Art Flores, Fall 2007

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P47D Project for Clyde Wilz' Uncle
Finalizing the Project: "Jabo Angels"

I'm getting this plane to the WWII pilot, Lt. William T. Wright so he can do a "walkaround" of this skin. I hope to finish the last details soon. These include fixing cowl latches, rivets along the cockpit frame, panel lines around the wing root, just minor stuff. I hope Bill can supply me with a vintage photograph so I can put his face on the pilot skin.

I've got a really neat "poster" image of this plane with a Zero smoking across the sky. Too bad I found out too late, this plane flew in Europe!

I personally like the silver cockpit frame, but I think the more accurate version had the blue frame.

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