P47D, 368th Fighter Group, 397 Squadron

Skin by Art Flores, Fall 2007

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P47D Project for Clyde Wilz' Uncle

Pilot: William T. Wright
Rank: 1st Lt
Group: 368th
Squadron: 397th "Jabo Angels"
Air Force: 9th
Theater: Europe
Victories: Zero
Period Flown: Sept 1944 to May 1945
Missions: 65

Wilz wrote:  I sent you the photos he sent me and it’s hard to see anything.  Think they were taken with a Brownie and they have deteriorated badly with age.  The fuse numbers are the squadron and wing assignment numbers as best I can tell.  The numbers on the tail are the inventory numbers (like a serial number for the plane).  The numbers on the tail I believe are correct, from the original correspondence from Uncle Bill.  I think it would be a hoot to put his rank and name on the plane.  According to him they went through planes so fast he never put his name on the plane.

From the gun camera footage he sent me, and from what he’s said.  They spent most of their time moving mud and supporting the ground troops.  According to him, you could attack most German tanks from the rear and kill them with 50’s.  Once airborne they tried to stop anything moving, tanks, trucks, trains, barges etc.

Bill Wright wrote: 
Our Airplanes didn't last too long and there were at least two with the letter "O".  I don't know the exact period any were flown so the period above is when I was flying. Initially I didn't fly "O" or even later I didn't always fly it because of maintenance or battle damage.  I hope you can use this info.


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