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Arthur Cobby, 4 Squadron, AFC, 1916

Signed up with the AFC on 22 December 1916, thereafter serving with 4 and 71 Squadron on the Western Front. 
Remarkably all of Cobby's 29 'kills' were achieved while in command of the Sopwith Camel.

2 Sqn AFC, 4 Sqn AFC DSO, DFC and 2 bars, George Medal, CBE
Victories:  24 aircraft and 5 balloons

Changes to be made:

1. green cowling cover is silver and brown
2. holes on top of fuse (are they for fuel?)
3. D1929 is on rudder now. There is no certainty that there was a number on the tail, but I put it on in a dark, less visible color. One reference profile shows it on the rudder.


These are models and planes that have similar colors and markings. The black and white one is really neat. I added the 2 holes on top of the fuse because the model below shows this. I don't know if they are holes for fuel or oil?

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