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Camo Version of "White 5"

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New photos sent by Kraxus:


The silver gray seems to be the one which is most accurate for the FRENCH-flown versions... but the AMERICAN-flown versions seem to have incorporated camouflage of some sort... tans and browns in large areas... some dark/light greens... along the same lines as the AMERICAN-flown SPADs.

But... you are the artist, my friend, and I will leave the decision to you. You know the general gist of my story and my desire to use a few screenshots as illustrations. I greatly appreciate WHATEVER you are able to do for me. Your talent is exceptional and your generosity in sharing your craft with me is more than anything anyone else has offered me in this endeavor.

Thank you for whatever you are able to do to assist me.


First 2 shots show me that I have to work more on the cowl, matching up sides and top of
fuselage. Plus there's a corner of the horizontal elevator that needs fixing on both "camo"
and "silver" versons.


Here are the screenies of the first run at the CAMO N17.
I really LIKE the camo version of the Ferio emblem (without the white background). It is appropriate for the camo version to be “dark”… while the ‘silver’ N17 needs the white background.
There is only a small amount of ‘mismatch’ between the paint patch schemes on the top surface of the fuselage and the side.
There IS an anomaly on the right rear corner of the elevator… looks like silver paint showing through (bad camo paint job??). Upon looking closely I discovered that the same anomaly appears on the ‘silver’ N17. In the ‘silver’ version it just looks like an extra texture line… a curved ‘line’ across the corner of the elevator. See shot #005
(Maybe you can put a few small “X” cross hatches across the thing and make it look like a STITCH REPAIR ! LOL.)


Hey Steve,

i suspected about the tail wing.

i'm GLAD you like the "black" ferio. me too.

as for mis-matching. that't what i need the shots for. also check out the bottom of plane for matching. just fly upside down and get pics at slight angle.  i'm wondering if the top of plane might be reversed
right-to-left. do you have a program that lets you see the TGA files?

if not, i'll send you a photo of what i see and you can get an idea what i have to work with. it's kinda
weird. did you see the movie "Andromeda Strain"?  where the sick guy says "Helluva way to run a
hospital". I feel the same way working like this, but i love it anyway and we're doing a great job.

next batch, don't send pics at dawn or sunset. just afternoon. turn off shadows if you can. i think it's  .shadows off or .shadows 0

i'll send new tga files late tonight probably. let's keep on with the camo and later i'll fix the silver
tail wing.

Just sent more tga files again.

1. do afternoon shots so i can get color.
2. don't zoom in all the way using ] bracket key, instead use it 80% and zoom in full with the Z key.
reason:  the bracket foreshortens the perspective (distorts) on the image.
3. the top of plane was reversed as i suspected.
4. did more work on the cowl (green).
5. saturated colors a bit more.
6. i guess you noticed the oval mule logo. like it?
7. what about the number of the plane? white 5, 5351?

anxiously waiting, Art



Here are the pics of the new camo patterns. I used MIDDAY shots as it seemed to be the most consistent and 'non-yellow' sunlight. I did not zoom in and distort, but used the lower percentile and the Z key, as you suggested.

The cowl looks GREAT! I DO like the oval MULE logo!

Please keep the numbers 5, and 5351. I've already been toying with a storyline that includes a step from the 'silver' to the 'camo'...  before going to SPADs... with a PAINT JOB instead of an actual change of aeroplanes.




  • darker shadows around exhaust pipe
  • darker, more contrast on wheel cover
  • made left fuse engine plate stand out more
  • fixed tail wing again
  • saturated the green color
  • saturated the brown color
  • added more color on hump behind pilot (it was gray)
  • anvil outline not so white
  • brown on right top wing darker/saturated
  • worked more on cowl (hope i didn't mess it up)
  • hole on wheel cover darker

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