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Carmageddon Carnage

A Carmageddon II Fan Website -- Under Construction

Wrong Checkpoint -- this describes a series of Carmageddon cars, pedestrians and tracks that I have collected or created. The theme is an alternate universe where Hitler clones have taken over the world. The Nazi zombies are everywhere and challenge you to a Race of Carnage. The music you hear in your bones is from the Twilight Zone, but soon it will stop because you will have no ears -- or hands, or arms, or anything.

NOTE: while some Nazi symbols and the vehicles might look cool, this site in NO WAY endorses or condones the exploits of Hitler or the Nazis. This is NOT a Jewish hate site. It is NOT a white power web page.

If you love Hitler or Saddam or Bin Ladin, then this site is NOT for you. Leave NOW!
If you love freedom and America, but hate zombies and want to see them dripping in blood or splattered all over the road, then EnJoY!

What they said about Carmageddon:

If you love Grand Theft Auto, then I feel sorry for you. You need help. You are hurting yourself every minute you play that game.  Play Carmageddon II instead. It is lots more healthy and will even help you pass:

1. your College SAT
2. high school P.E. and/or gym class
3. gas when you ate BROCCOLI

NAZI VERSION -- by Art Flores

The decals are mine, but the awesome car is by by Agent Orange.

This Nazi Armoured Blaster is not my creation. As you can see above, it was made by Agent Orange. I give him full credit for an awesome job. If you look at the box for the Aliens toy, he has done an exceptional job! What you might like is my "decals" that turn the APC into a Nazi pedestrian punisher. I have other "decal" sets and a Nazi-fied track available. Details on my web page.

APC -- It's definetly one of its kind in Carma2. The USMC APC is the one from the Aliens movie, and its truly an amazing work of art. Highly detailed and very authentic. Click here to see the plastic toy in its box and wrapper. Download the Carmageddon 2 car at Driven to Destruction.

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Carmageddon 2 Links

Cheats Page

Want the Hitler PED?
just e-mail me and I'll send it ASAP ... D/L

Want the track for NAZI North Afrika?
just e-mail me and I'll send it ASAP

Want the NAZI armoured thing?
just e-mail me and I'll send it ASAP

Want the NAZI Red Eagle?
just e-mail me and I'll send it ASAP ... D/L

NOTE: The ped is a single zip file. I can send it right away. But the other files are huge and I did not create them, I will send you the .tif files that I used to make them. The NAZI track is modified from the Raising Arizona track found elsewhere on the net.

Sound Replacements:
Here are 2 neat sounds you might want to try. Just put them in your SOUNDS directory. Back up the original files first.



iMAC VERSION -- Carmageddon II for Macintosh

The best game ever for Macintosh users ... if you would like Carmageddon II for Macintosh*, you can order a CD-Rom full of cars, tracks and modifications for only $10.00 plus $2.00 shipping. Disk includes hundreds of screen snapshots (many suitable for desktop backgrounds) and a screensaver.

* requires Carmageddon II Carpocalypse Now



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